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The Knee Reboot Course


Yes! My new course, “The Knee Reboot”, is finally finished after almost 4 years of work! This video is a sneak peek into the course because I’m going to run you through what I think is the perfect formula to help someone with knee pain build strong knees that feel great in just 3 steps. I’ll also show you some of the craziest facts I discovered in the 1,700 scientific publications I read during...

Knee Pain: How Fear of Pain Can Hold You Back


What if there is one thing in your body that is silently working against you whenever you try to get rid of knee pain? And as long as this one part is holding you back, not even the very best exercises and treatments may work. Research has identified this problem as a “barrier to recovery”[1] that has a “strong correlation with pain and function”[2]. They also found that it’s one of the reasons...

How to Prevent Knee Pain from Volleyball


The 3 exercises in this article are great for building strength and for preventing knee pain if you’re getting back into volleyball after a longer break. Let’s start with one I used to hate. Video Transcript: Exercise 1: Stronger Knees Okay so you may be thinking “wall sits? That’s way too easy!” and sure, if you’ve kept up your strength training and did at least one leg day per week over...

Beach Volleyball Resources


If you’re getting ready for a new season you can use the following exercises to prevent knee pain and to increase your explosiveness:
Prevent Knee Pain Exercises [PDF]

Does Patellar Tendonitis Ever Go Away Permanently?


A while ago Jonathan asked, and I’m paraphrasing: “Does patellar tendonitis ever go away again permanently?” It’s a question that keeps coming back and if you’ve had tendonitis for a while, you’ve probably asked yourself the same thing. To answer this we’ll first do quick recap of what research has to say about recovery time. This will give us a good baseline for our expectations, but...

Should You ICE Patellar Tendonitis?


One of the most common questions that people keep emailing me is “Do you recommend icing for patellar tendonitis?” And to give you a precise answer: it depends. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more.